We pride ourselves in helping our athletes get to their goals. We understand how competitive it is to get a spot on a NCAA collegiate sports team. We accept that nothing is guaranteed. We refuse to believe that our athletes don't have what it takes. We know that by focusing on perfecting the things we can control, anything can happen. Through customized Strength and Conditioning/Sports Performance protocols, we check the quality of our athletes even at the highest level. Whether DI, DII or DIII, making a NCAA team is an incredible feat. But why limit yourself? Through hard work and focus, college money can be closer than you think. 

Kinetic Precision Team Store

Customize your own gear based on your name, number and sport.


Summer Training Sign Up

Acceleration and Speed Sessions

10-15 Age Group | $400 per block
15+ Age Group | $450 per block

Strength Foundation Sessions

15+ Age Group | $500 per block

Block 1 | June 10th - July 12th
Block 2 | July 15th - August 16th

"Coach, What Am I Suppose To Eat...?"

There it is, the dreaded question most sports coaches tend to dodge. Time to solve this problem in sports. We will look within our network to get you the resources you need to be successful and learn proper sports nutrition at all points of the season.


Sports Nutrition

Fuel your body the right way. Know what to eat before, during and after games and practices. Learn how the things you eat can affect your performance.