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Building Better Wrestlers. Building Future Leaders.

Wrestling is a tough sport both physically and mentally. It’s a sport that will challenge and push you to your breaking point and lay unexpected adversity before you. However, it also teaches you how to be a better leader and teammate, ultimately allowing us to reach goals we never thought possible. In this respect, wrestling is a lot like life.

The program also aims to foster the characteristics of a successful wrestler and show students how these traits are transferable and will help them succeed in every day life.  Whether it’s how to mentally prepare for state finals or for their first job interview, at 5 Points, we’re about grooming our future leaders of tomorrow into champions, on and off the mat.

West Coast: Summer Wrestling Schedule

June 12th - August 16th

Wednesday - Friday

12:30pm - 2:00pm

Day 1: Wednesday


Day 2: Thursday

Escapes and Reversals

Day 3: Friday

Turns and Pins

West Coast Wrestling Director:

Junior Amazan


Harvard Westlake High School: Wrestling Room
3700 Coldwater Canyon Ave
Studio City, CA 91604